The art of henna tattooing has always caught my eye from a young age, I find the attention to detail simply stunning and I am in awe of its beautiful history stemming from Asian weddings. But the beauty doesn’t have to stop at weddings – Why not boost your festival outfit with some stunning patterns over your body?! Stand out from the crowd on your beach holiday. After all, people are going to stare so you may as well make it worth their while!

Hair loss can really strip people of their confidence, why not get your inner sparkle back with a stunning piece of art around your head! Vamp up your baby bump for family photo shoots or baby showers. 

Henna is the perfect solution for wanting a design on your body without committing to a lifetime tattoo. Arm sleeves, leg sleeves, back pieces… they’re all such big decisions! This way you can enjoy the look for a week or two without living with it forever.

If brighter colours are more your thing I offer a range of different face/body art designs as well.

Group bookings / parties / hen-dos / baby showers available

A patch test will need to be done at least 24 hours before any henna appointments.

Prices vary depending on design and size -
approx ranging from £20 – £80

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