If you’ve ever gone from strip wax to hot wax, I’m sure you will agree you would never go back! Hot wax makes hair removal SO much more comfortable, and the after effects last a lot longer.

The difference is all in the application method - When hot wax is applied, we glide upwards to begin with. This makes the hair stand up catching them right at the root getting a good grasp and pulling it out with the bulb attached. Over time this will weaken your hair and less and less will grow back.

Strip wax on the other hand is applied gliding downwards, so the wax just sits on the surface of the hair, which means when the strip is pulled off it is merely snapping a lot of the hair as opposed to pulling out the bulb. This will result in the growth returning faster and a smooth feeling on the skin is not fully achieved.

Hot wax is also a few degrees warmer (hence the name) which helps to open your pores enabling the hair to come out with a lot more ease, making the experience much more comfortable.

A pre wax oil is applied to the skin beforehand which makes removal of the wax a lot gentler and leaves the skin feeling nourished. A choice of Tea Tree or Lavender and Chamomile cream is applied at the end for instant soothing.

Brazilian / Hollywood bikini – £28

Standard / High leg bikini – £15

Full leg – £30

Half leg – £20

Full arm – £20

Half arm – £15

Underarm – £10

Upper lip – £8

Lip + Chin – £12

Eyebrows - £10